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The links below will answer questions about using Alpha-Stim, whether you are a veterinarian or the human who cares for one of our planet’s many furry friends.

Alpha Stim


Alpha-Stim is an excellent alternative to drugs in the treatment of all species (except, perhaps, fish whose watery environment precludes the use of electrical intervention). Veterinarians report consistently positive results in using alpha-Stim to treat a broad range of conditions from behavioral problems to pain management. It is a safe and effective drug-free treatment for conditions including;

      • Pain related to injury or surgery in all tissues
      • Arthritis
      • Other chronic neuromuscular conditions.
      • Biochemical and neuronal dysfunction including:
      • Cognitive dysfunction
      • Obsessive compulsive disorder (e.g., lick granulomas, over grooming)
      • Hallucinations
      • Separation anxiety syndrome
      • Depression
      • Urinary incontinence
      • Anorexia in cats
      • Loss of social status in home
      • Over reactive sympathetic system in horses
      • Nervous and aggression related conditions

Those of us who are the loving providers for animals sense a tremendous responsibility. Whether your family member is a Yorkshire Terrier, a Great Dane or a beautiful Clydesdale,  All can  benefit from Alpha-Stim, just as people do.

If your veterinarian is not familiar with Alpha-Stim please contact us or ask them to contact us. We will send the information they need to help advise you in the best treatments that may be needed. We may even offer to provide a demonstration device to your veterinarian, if basic criteria are met.

...don’t forget to give yourself good Alpha-Stim care, too.

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