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VA Patients

Alpha-Stim has been demonstrated as an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain. It is an accepted treatment and it is already in the VA formulary.  Ask your doctor about Alpha-Stim.

Whether you are a veteran of war environments in the Gulf, Vietnam or other high-stress military service, you deserve the best assistance available. Living under continual stress, trauma, and physical injury can change the way your body and brain function. These changes helped you be effective in your military service, and they helped you survive. The problem is that sometimes the changes may keep you feeling stressed when you are not in combat or other high stress conditions.

A lot of times the stress will resolve on its own without treatment. But all too often, it does not resolve totally, or it may intensify once you return to your pre-action life. Family and friends are often unaware of what it is like for you to come home and resume the life you had before. As much as they would like to be understanding, the fact is that they often cannot understand. They have not been where you have been. They don’t know what you know. You and your VA treatment providers are your best solutions.

If your doctor does not know about Alpha-Stim or its availability through the Veteran’s Administration, you may refer him to us at this website or give them our telephone number and address. We will be pleased to send them information they can review so they can make their professional recommendations about what would be best for you.

Electromagnetic Products Inc., International (EPI) is the manufacturer of Alpha-Stim, and the contract holder for the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract.

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