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Date: January 8, 2007
Author: Micheal Harris
Location: Jackson, Tennessee
Indications: Depression

My name is Michael Harris and I live in Jackson, Tennessee. As a person who has suffered with depression for the past 8+ years, I want to thank the makers of the Alpha-Stim SCS for their product. My depression became so bad that I was unable to work or even focus on doing even simple tasks. I am a registered nurse and like many of you reading this testimonial, I was skeptical of the Alpha-Stims success at first. However, after having tried nearly every anti-depressant medication on the market, spent multiple hours in counseling and finally undergoing 10 electroconvulsive therapy sessions, I was eager to try anything that might help.

I found out about the Alpha-Stim SCS while looking up information on vagal nerve stimulators, which are implantable and require surgery. We were searching on the internet when my wife stumbled upon the AS site. She spoke with a representative at Moeller Medical, and he fully explained how the device worked and how many peoples lives had been changed by the stimulator. One important fact was that the unit caused no adverse side-effects. Try finding a medication or other device with a guarantee like that. The representative also helped my wife with insurance information to help in paying for the unit. I thought, "what have I got to lose."

I began using the Alpha-Stim on a daily basis and found the results to be immediate. I noticed a decrease in my agitation and literally felt more confident that the cloud of my depression was lifting. This has caused an increase in my energy level and a better sense of overall well being. I believe it has also helped me to sleep better. Most importantly, the Alpha-Stim has given me the ability to return to work. Because of this device I am now able to perform my regular job duties which demand a great deal of focus and attention to detail. The treatment is painless, and I can do pretty much my normal routine during the treatment. I am very thankful to have discovered the Alpha-Stim SCS, and I plan to continue using it as a major part in the treatment of my depression. I am also encouraging others suffering with depression to seriously consider the Alpha-Stim as a treatment option.

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