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Date: January 8, 2007
Author: Jeff Winett
Location: Sherman Oaks, California
Indications: Pain

This past Christmas Eve we had dinner at a friends home and at the last minute one of the guests could not attend due to a crushing Migraine headache. She was missed but at yet another party on Jan 1st. Gayle was in attendance. I expressed empathy to Gayle for her Christmas Eve headache, and she explained that only in the last day or so, she was beginning to feel good. I told her that over the years I too have suffered from these headaches, but not on a regular basis. The last Migraine I had was over 3 years ago. My particular version of Migraine has traditionally started with a substantial loss of vision. It is a sensation so scary that words cant explain. After about 30 minutes of vision distortion, the pain begins to kick in. Pain of excruciating nature. Nausea, drooling, and parts of my body going completely numb and ice cold are the next sensations in the experience of this catastrophic headache. When the headache would end, there would be a few days of lingering pain and nausea. Decades ago I tried taking the medication called Percodan which is a strong pain killer. It did nothing whatsoever for the pain and that goes for taking 2 pills!

I originally purchased my Alpha Stim 100 as a tool that might help me heal from a very deep anxiety condition that I've had since my early 20's. I have found relaxation and very easy deep breathing when using the Alpha Stim, but to say that my anxiety is cured would be a lie. I may need to finesse my use of Alpha Stim regarding power levels and how often I use it. Again, I've had my condition for approximately 30 years.

After the following that I am about to share, you can rest assured that I am going to embark on an earnest quest to see if Alpha Stim may heal my anxiety.

The very next morning after January 1st, when I'd spent time with a friend talking about her horrible Migraine headache, the fickle finger of fate had me experience my first Migraine headache in 3 years. I was brushing my teeth and it began. To explain the severity and panic that was setting in is impossible. Yet somewhere inside of me was a mature resignation that perhaps comes from being 51 years old. The vision loss was about the worst severity I can remember, and I couldnt comfortably walk. I was trying to gear up for a lulu of a Migraine.

In most areas of life when it comes to any type of healing modality, I always feel like the bridesmaid and never the bride. Nothing works for me.

This letter is being written to tell you that this morning I have experienced a true miracle. I decided to see if the Alpha Stim 100 could treat Migraine. I couldnt even see the ear clips, and regarding putting drops of water onto the felt pads for electricity conduction---forget about it. I stumbled into the kitchen, and dipped the ear clips into some water and put them on. The intensity level of Alpha Stim 100 goes from 0 to 6. Normally for my relaxation sessions, I have found 3 to be my comfortable level. This morning I couldnt even see the numbers on the dial, and I just dialed up until I could feel pulsating on my ear lobes. Eventually when my vision returned I found out that this turned out to be level 6. Next I lay down on my couch and spent the next 20 minutes with my eyes shut. I found it interesting that nausea was not beginning to occur, and any headache pain was almost imperceptible. At the end of the 20 minutes the machine shut itself off. I opened my eyes and still experienced some vision loss. After a second 20 minute session, I opened my eyes and was able to see perfectly. I used the Alpha Stim 100 for a 3rd session, for a total of 60 minutes. Then I decided to get up to see the results. Once again, I am in the happy throes of a true miracle. I am writing this letter feeling a little bit of hunger in my belly which tells you that nausea isnt present. Other than a very, very slight headache on my right side, I am utterly fine. Im just about to head out for errands, and if that isnt a miracle, I dont know what is.

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