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Published in RSD Hope Newsletter, Spring, 2000:

Information Section

Last newsletter I talked about a new product I was just starting to try. Here are my updated results and I have just touched the tip of the iceberg I think.

I have found that by using the Alpha-Stim for about an hour in the am and then an hour in the late afternoon enables me to sleep about 5 hours more a night than I used to, (which was about 3), as well as it being a deeper and more relaxing sleep and not that drugged up kind of sleep we are all used to. It also helps with depression and anxiety.

This is only one facet of this wonderful machine. It also comes with probes and patches that get hooked up to the machine and pass these same signals directly through your worst pain areas. For me that is my back. I find if I use it on my back every other day, especially with someone else helping as it can be difficult alone, it has cut my back pain down about 30% so far!!!!

I had a friend stop by and try it and she had the same results as I did. She wanted to take it to her house and I said NO WAY, GET YOUR OWN! Nobody can take my little sleep machine away. Hee hee.

I cannot begin to tell you what it feels like to sleep again. To dream again at night. To wake up feeling like I actually got some sleep! Not to mention the fact that the healing process is actually able to work when you get real REM sleep. I know so many of you out there do not sleep more than a few hours a night also. It disrupts the household, makes your pain and anxiety worse, you are more irritable and for married couples it can create separate sleeping arrangements. This is a big deal since couples have probably lost a lot of closeness and touching during the day due to the pain involved with the simple touch of a loved one.

Some Insurance Companies pay for it, it is Medicare approved but I do not know how much they pay of the total. The cost is around $750 to $800. I know that is out of the reach of many of you. Maybe you can convince your Dr to buy one for his Pain Clinic and let you use it on a trial basis? It is worth a shot, and better than one.

Notes from Wilson Hulley on his experience with Alpha-Stim

Some months ago, Keith and I were chatting about our mutual problem: CHRONIC PAIN. I mentioned to him a unique medical product: ALPHA-STIM 100 manufactured by EPI under the keen eyes of Daniel Kirsch, Ph.D.

Given the pain rating of 42% by McGill, I had to get relief - years of morphine had only dulled the bowel, colon and kidney functions. Physically, I was a wreck. Mentally - I had good and bad days. I continued on my employment in an attempt to maintain some form of sanity.

My dentist, who has every new product available that benefits the patient, had one of these units which I used during a visit. Dr. Elliot Alpher’s DDS wanted me to try it; so I did.

WOW! Dealing daily with the painful effects of an intracranial traumatic brain injury and full body RSD, which began after a box of legal books I was lifting, collapsed and the contents fell on my left foot, fracturing it.

This Alpha Stim unit has helped me regain a decent level in life and a lesser number of “horrible” days. It even helps reduce the debilitating effects of barometric and temperature changes.

I use the unit at least once a day for a 20 minute treatment of cranial electrotherapy stimulation, a relatively simple technique developed in the Soviet Union during the 1950’s. The current applied by electrodes attached to the ear lobes, or by stethoscope-type electrodes placed behind the ears. My treatment was so effective that it was presented in an issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Pain Mgt.

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