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June 17, 2007 Great Falls Tribune Promising Treatment for PTSD Offered in Great Falls
March 2007 Family Circle Better Pain Relief
December 2006 Fibromyalgia Aware Exploring Electrical Stimulation

November 2005

FMA Online Newsletter The Yin and Yang of Fibromyalgia Syndrome: Treatments Based on the Ancient Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine
November 21, 2005 Local 10 News
South Florida
Alpha-Stim Electric Treatment Depression Info

November 11, 2005 Valium and Prozac replaced by WaveformTechology

October 22, 2005

Mineral Wells Index Local company donates stress-relief units for South Florida hurricane victims

July, 2005

Unknown (Brazil) Tecnologia de última geração para tratamento da ‘Síndrome do Pânico’

June 8, 2005

Mineral Wells Index Local company lands government contract

March 8,2005

New device may alleviate some chemotherapy side effects

March, 2005

Advance for Directors in Rehabilitation

Interview with Dr. Daniel Kirsch, founder and chairman of Electromedical Products International, Inc.

October, 2004

Advance For Directors in Rehabilitation

Diminishing Pain

October, 2004

HomeCare Magazine

Still Making Sparks

October 4, 2004

Medical Breakthroughs
Reported by Ivanhoe

Help for Breast Cancer Side Effects - Full-Length Doctor's Interview

August 25, 2004

Medical Breakthroughs
Reported by Ivanhoe

Elusive Sleep

May 12, 2004

News 12 KSLA TV Shreveport, LA


April 23, 2004

Medical Breakthroughs Reported by Ivanhoe

Help for Breast Cancer Side Effects

July 11, 2003

Mineral Wells Index, front page editorial

Kirsch Makes GOP Honor Roll

March 2003

HomeCare Magazine

Market Analysis (Electromedical)

February 16, 2003

The Sun, Feeling Fit Section - Port Charlotte, Florida

Combining Synergistic Therapies Often Achieves Pain Relief

November 18, 2002

NBC Channel 3 Las Vegas

Device Promises To Rid Pain

Click here to watch the video

November, 2002

Capital Doctor (U.K)

CES: Low Level Electricity for the Treatment of Depression

September 20, 2002

Testosterone Magazine (Published Online at, Issue 227

The Microcurrent Revolution
Another Piece of the Bodybuilding Puzzle?

April 19, 2002

Testosterone Magazine (Published Online at, Issue 205

Stuff We Like
Consumer Reports for Body Builders

2002, Vol. 8/No. 2

Journal of Longevity (Science Notes section)

The Wonders of CES

December, 2001

Painted Post Crossroads (Strawn, Texas)

The Stress Annihilator

November 6, 2001

The Herald Health Section (Everett, Washington)

Zapping Pain

May 2, 2001

Internet site: WebMD

These Brain Waves May Tame Fibromyalgia

November 5, 2000

The Sunday Times, Style magazine (London)

Meditation Made Easy

October, 2000

Women’s Health Letter

What’s New?

August, 2000

Comet, Lagos, Nigeria

Therapeutic electromedicine...
at the push of a button

April 4, 2000

InfoArt News Agency

Russian Language Press Release (in Russian)

Spring, 2000

RSD Hope Newsletter

Information Section

Alpha-Stim 100

September 15, 1999

The Oriental Daily
(Hong Kong, China)

England launches a Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator (in Chinese)

September 14, 1999

BBC News Online Network

Fear fighter ‘extinguishes anxiety’

September 14, 1999

Yorkshire Post

Is it a personal stereo? No fear... this is science’s answer to high anxiety

September 14, 1999

Corriere della Sera

n arrivo la macchinetta antistress
(in Italian)

Fall, 1999

Ms. Fitness

Stress Control with Alpha-Stim

February, 1999

Popular Mechanics

Stress Reducer

November 17, 1999

Daily Mail

Could this device beat insomnia?

October - December, 1998

St. John’s Healthy People

Emerging from the darkness

October 16, 1994

Mineral Wells Index

Electromedical Moves to Mineral Wells, Texas

December 12, 1993

Joe Wieder’s FLEX

z- Z-ZAPPED Shocked out of pain & anxiety

October 4, 1993

Seattle Post Intelligencer

A Shocking Remedy
Pain patients are getting jolts of relief

January 28, 1993

Los Angeles Times

Invention Helps Ease Gulf War Aftermath