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Insomnia Treatment with Alpha Stim

The protocols for insomnia are varied based on the idiosyncrasies of the person and the etiology of the insomnia. As a rule, the more exotic the etiology, the longer the treatment and the more varied the results. For example, insomnia caused by racing thoughts at night will be easier to treat with CES than insomnia caused by pesticide poisoning or high levels of pain. The following protocol covers most of the “normal” situations. All insomnia protocols assume that standard considerations for insomnia have been effected (e.g. decrease or discontinue all caffeinated beverages, adjust for medication interactions, good sleep hygiene, etc.). It is not unusual for there to be a significant response for the first 1-3 nights and then inconsistent responses for several nights. I feel that this initial significant response is more a "relief" factor than a main treatment factor. Anxiety and racing thoughts can override the effects of sleep deprivation. CES’s ability to decrease anxiety and quiet the mind are often initially enough to allow the person to succumb to the underlying sleep deprivation. However, CES treatment may not have time yet to address the deeper cause of the insomnia if the cause is more than just anxiety and racing thoughts. The initial good night’s sleep often is enough to take the edge off of the underlying exhaustion from the sleep deprivation. Therefore, the continued decrease in anxiety and the quieting of the mind may no longer be sufficient to counter the deeper causes of the insomnia. For the long-term treatment effect to manifest itself, it is often necessary to use CES for an extended period (2-4 weeks) before a significant pattern of restful sleep occurs.

Insomnia Protocols

All suggested protocols are starting points. Because of individual differences, it may be necessary to vary the duration, current and/or frequency of treatments. Depending on the research cited, the protocols have ranged between alternate days to daily, from 20 minutes to 60 minutes per day. "One size does not fit all." I usually suggest 20-60 minutes once a day for two weeks and then alternate days for four weeks to do a realistic evaluation. If progress is maintained, decrease treatment time to 20 minutes per day, 2-3 times a week, as needed. Individual differences account for whether the sensate or pre-sensate current levels work best. As with the standard protocols, the most comfortable level of current is usually the most effective. More is not better.

Alpha-Stim has received endorsements from a variety of professionals. Over 100 research articles provide further evidence of its effectiveness. Practitioners who use Alpha-Stim are found in private medical and counseling offices, the VA , and Department of Defense (DOD). It is increasingly embraced by veterinary medicine. Practitioners and patients who use Alpha-Stim report consistently positive results in treating reduced anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain. Pain conditions effectively treated include muscle tension, back, cervical, arthritis, fibromyalgia, RSD, carpal tunnel, hip/leg/foot, arm/shoulder/hand, TMJ, myofascial pain. Suffers of migraines and other types of headaches likewise report that Alpha-Stim is effective. Moreover it is drug-free, easy-to-use and does not leave them impaired. The treatment protocols for all conditions are straightforward and easy to follow.