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Date:March 17 2006
Organization: Virginia White, RN, LMHP
Location: Hastings, NE
Author: Virginia White, RN, LMHP
Indications:Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety

Patient reports about the Alpha-Stim

The first is a 45 year old woman who had been severely abused as a child. Her abuser was obviously right handed because she had been beaten on her right side. She has some cognitive deficits because of this, and more recently has required a hip replacement because of the abuse. Over the years, she has developed many fears, difficulty sleeping, and major depression. She was on a number of medications when I started working with her. She has done a number of neurofeedback sessions along with counseling as well. Because of her trauma, she has been depressed for years and also on medications. After her surgery, she complained of gaining weight because of the antidepressant, and she started to us the Alpha-Stim on a daily basis. Currently, she is off her medications and is functions quite well. Her coworkers have told her that her medications must really be working well for her, and she did have to inform them that she is no longer on any medications. The same week end she had a visit from a relative and they also said the same thing, “your medicine must really be working from you.” She had to again report that she was no longer on any medications

This is a real success story.

Another individual that has had very severe panic attacks for several years and has been on many medications has also used the Alpha-Stim. She too has had neurotherapy for a time to deal with the panic disordere. Her anxiety was so extreme that it would put her in bed for several days following an attack. She began using the Alpha-Stim before she gets out of bed in the mornings and has not had any problem with her energy. She is able to function very well and has also been able to decrease her medications.

Another person, who is a teacher, has had several car accidents. Prior to her accidents, her sister was killed in a car wreck. She also has fibromyalgia, TMJ, depression, allergies, heart problems, and is also on many medications. She has had frequent messages, and also goes to physical therapy regularly, at least a couple of times a week over a period of years. She had such rigidity in her back and neck that she was not able to bring her head down to her chin and had muscle tension in the shoulders and the back of her neck. After using the Alpha-Stim for a couple of months, she is now able to bring her head down to her chest, her physical therapist cannot believe the extension she is able to get on her muscles, and while she still has some rigidity, she was able to play racket ball this past weekend.

When she came in last week, she said that she was ready to become a poster person for Alpha-Stim.

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