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Date: February 7, 2006
Organization: Petra W Garnett, BCIA-C
Location: Not Given
Author: Petra W Garnett, BCIA-C
Indications: Pain, Insomnia

I have been working with the Alpha-Stim CES in my practice for a little over one year and find the results amazing! Three of my patients have severe head injuries, causing them to suffer from debilitating headaches, insomnia and memory loss. I was only able to treat them for 40 minutes a week, but after 2 treatments they reported positive changes

in their sleep patterns and memory. One of them, a painter, who had developed a certain technique and was not able to use it anymore, started painting again, using the previously forgotten technique. Another patient, who complained about "chaotic thinking" can now

prioritize and "ges things done" after he uses the Alpha-Stim for 1 hour. Both have bought their own Alpha-Stim and although their injuries are permanent, they are able to function reasonably well, which they had been told would be impossible. Another patient is finally getting his much needed sleep of at least 6 hours a night.

Since a few months I've also become the proud owner of an Alpha-Stim 100. It took me a while to figure out how to use the probes. Last week I treated a patient's very painful knee. He was walking with a cane. He rated the pain a #10 on the pain scale. After treatment he gave it a #1! He was so excited, he practically skipped out of the office, holding his cane up in the air. I also worked with a skeptical 14 year old, who has sustained injuries on his neck, shoulders and low back. It took a while to convince him to let me work on his neck and shoulders. He rated his pain at an #8 on the pain scale and after the treatment a #3! I'm very happy with the results and your support. Several times I e-mailed your company with questions, which were promptly answered. Thank you so much!!

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