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Date: February 1, 2006
Organization:Henry Mann, MD
Location: Stonington, CT
Author: Henry Mann, MD
Indications: Stress, Anxiety, Depression

I bought an Alpha-Stim to try on people with ADD and soon found that it is one of the most calming experiences that I can offer my patients or myself. My diastolic blood pressure dropped from 82 to 70 within a month as it did for many of my patients. My patients report that it has improved their responses to the medications that they take, that it helps them feel better without medication and that it improves their response to neurofeedback. Several bipolar teenagers have done considerably better with Alpha-Stim. Adults who are stressed and/or anxious usually respond within about 10 minutes. One boy with a tic disorder doesn’t tic as long as he uses the Alpha-Stim® in the AM and another, with severe OCD who was on 300 mg a day of Zoloft without full benefit, stopped his frequent repetitive rituals almost immediately. So it sounds too good to be true, and I would not have believed that something as simple as this could be so effective unless I had seen it myself. I have found the Alpha-Stim both good for me, my patients and for my business, as nearly 85% percent of the patients who tried it bought one for home use.

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