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Date: February 5, 1991
Organization: Psychological Associates
Location: Salesbury, MD
Author: Lewis R. Kadushin Ph.D.
Indications: Pain

I am a 50 year old licensed psychologist in full-time independent practice of psychotherapy and have always been open to various approaches to healing. I have lived with chronic neck pain for over twenty years and have been diagnosed by my chiropractor: chronic cervical sprain/strain with associated myofascitis due to a congenital anomaly.

Chiropractic adjustment, deep-muscle massage, exercise to strengthen and tone affected muscles, and indication have helped temporarily, therefore, I was looking for an approach that would improve upon previously attempted therapies. In less than one month of using the Alpha-Stim CS, several times each day for 20 minute intervals, I have realized improved benefits that leave me relatively pain-free.

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