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Date: April 29, 2003
Organization: Republic Hospital Aksakovstchina
Location: Chernobyl, Russia
Author: Dr. Sergey Korytko - Chief Doctor
Indications: Stress, Anxiety, Depression

We thank you kindly for your visit to our hospital and center of social-psychological rehabilitation in Aksakovstchina. Your attention and readiness to take part in minimization of the Chernobyl accident consequences have great importance for us. Your position of life and sincere interest to our nation fate lead to our profound respect to you. We are sure that you really ready to help us in completing of new building for rehabilitation. The rough estimate of this project is 1, 1 million $ and it could be finished in one year. We cherish hope for your help and collaboration.

We are glad to inform you that Alpha-Stim SCS is successfully used in our hospital.

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