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Date: August 30, 1999
Organization: Orofacial Pain Associates, Ltd., P.C.
Location: Norman, OK
Author: Robert L. Talley, D.D.S.
Indications: Pain

The Alpha-Stim is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools in our armamentarium for treating pain. I have been using the Alpha-Stim since 1982 with tremendous success in relieving and/or managing pain for patients. The in-office use, as well as home use, of the various units is very predictable and tremendously beneficial.

I look forward to additional innovations in this creative field of electromedicine. Microcurrent therapy is one of the most efficient and responsive physical medicine modalities available. Keep up the good work.

My staff and I enjoyed having you and Tracey in the office. Best wishes to you both.

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