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How To Treat Anxiety with Alpha Stim

Anxiety Treatment

Under stress, nerves become facilitated and overreact to signals coming in. While it might normally take 1000 signals to a single nerve to cause that nerve to fire, under stress, it might only take 50 or 100 signals to fire. In that case, the threshold for firing is way too low. People can become more reactive, irritable, fearful, angry, hostile, or just generally nervous than they would otherwise be if they were not under stress. Alpha-Stim brings the threshold for firing back to normal so that people react in a more centered fashion during high-pressure situations. Using Alpha-Stim CES for as little 20 minutes a day, three times a week, a person may still be in the stressful situation, but he or she does not experience it as stress-induced psychological response. As soon as the cause of the stress decreases, a person begins to automatically return to an alpha state, even if he or she last used Alpha-Stim CES 36 hours ago. Below are some anxiety-related protocols.

Basic Anxiety Protocol

All suggested protocols are starting points. Because of individual differences, it may be necessary to vary the duration, current and/or frequency of treatments. The basic Alpha-Stim CES protocol for anxiety is to use it for 20 or 60 minutes a day for one week at a comfortable current level. Not everyone will feel light-headed. If possible, set Alpha-Stim at “3”. After one week, use it on alternate days or three times a week until the symptoms reach the desired level. Thereafter, use Alpha-Stim CES as needed. The level of current used affects the length of treatment needed. The general rule is if the current level is “3” or above, 20 minutes is usually sufficient. If the current is at “2” or below, 60 minutes is usually most effective. If the current is between “2” and “3” the device can be used for either 20 or 60 minutes depending on the individual’s response to treatment. Based on individual differences and symptoms to be treated, it is important that you determine which level of current, time used and frequency of treatment is most effective for you.

Alpha-Stim has received endorsements from a variety of professionals. Over 100 research articles provide further evidence of its effectiveness. Practitioners who use Alpha-Stim are found in private medical and counseling offices, the VA , and Department of Defense (DOD). It is increasingly embraced by veterinary medicine. Practitioners and patients who use Alpha-Stim report consistently positive results in treating reduced anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain. Pain conditions effectively treated include muscle tension, back, cervical, arthritis, fibromyalgia, RSD, carpal tunnel, hip/leg/foot, arm/shoulder/hand, TMJ, myofascial pain. Suffers of migraines and other types of headaches likewise report that Alpha-Stim is effective. Moreover it is drug-free, easy-to-use and does not leave them impaired. The treatment protocols for all conditions are straightforward and easy to follow.